Project History 

Synergy between Intuition, Creativity, Feng-Shui and Permaculture

The project of the Ô Saveur de l’Instant's Ecosite was created gradually with the meetings, in a family environment and with our friends’ support.
This is a project based on values : CREATIVITY, ECOLOGY, SELF-AWARENESS and CARING; and turned towards WELCOMING and LISTENING to what Life offers us.

We see ourselves as ARTISANS who, with CARE and ATTENTIONS, enable to reveal in the matter a work that takes shape and is precised with the gesture and the experience.

In 2008, Yvan who oversaw an audio-visual company in Lyon, decided to move in the countryside and looked for a space to let his imagination run free. He had the idea of creating a place of reception and experimentation in family. He found an old Bressan farmhouse with a dwelling house and farmland near Louhans, in the Bresse countryside.

He met Ramatara a few months after settling in Saint-Usuge. Then begins a 10-years adventure to develop the Ecosite and renovate the buildings in eco and self-construction. Quickly, a friend helped them to set up the Feng-Shui principles in the field and the living spaces. She participated in the conception of the plans with the architect and Yvan, and continues as of today to follow every step of the project and the works.
A human adventure, a lot of sharing, experiences, doubts moments, joy, perpetual wonder, and lots of gratitude for what nature and life can bring us when we let ourselves be carried and inspired.

We started to welcome families in Eco-Tourism in 2013, and the first workshops in 2014, keeping to renovate and develop the outbuildings. The first Permaculture course on the Ecosite allowed Yvan to express principles in words that, by intuition and logic, he has applied throughout his approach. As of today, he teaches thanks to the training he has followed at the Popular Permaculture University and passes on knowledge on Sustainable construction, Plant-based water cleaning systems and project editing thematics. Properly supported, he draws in the Feng-Shui and Permaculture principles to match the practical and functional aspect of the place with the energetic ones, to ensure its functioning.

Today, the Ecosite has grown and the family too.
The domain is 6 hectares and has new residential buildings. Our activity focuses on hosting workshops, retreats and seminaries.
We can accommodate until 23 people groups indoors, and more in outdoor campsites. We have implemented a solid base for the group’s reception with 600 m2 of renovated buildings, 2 activity rooms, 3 practice rooms, a hammam, a natural and ecological pool, and 3 hectares of developed land in Permaculture.

We are already dreaming about the next creations and developments to share these values we have, into a framework conducive to their transmission.