Preliminary workshop : A first experience (4 days)

Preliminary Workshop

To be able to register and participate in the VOCAL YOGA TransFormation training, it is necessary to have followed a residential Vocal Yoga workshop.

This is why we have set up, two to three times a year, special workshops for you that want to engage in this rich and singular way of Yoga through singing, music and mantras.

These workshops are open to all, without commitment. This is a good opportunity to test your motivation and your ability to follow the YOGA TransFormation of the voice, and meet your main trainers, Adam and Nathalie.

If you cannot sign up for one of these workshops, you can also join one of the Summer Residential Internships (Burgundy or Brittany), or possibly a Weekend Organised in the region (In this case, a thorough interview and/or evaluation session will be required).

For any further information or to register please contact directly the speakers

Propriétés de l'événement

Date de l'événement 31 octobre 2018 18:00
Date de fin 4 novembre 2018 15:00
Prix individuel Workshop price : 290€ + Accommodation starting from 245€



Pour s'inscrire pour le stage contacter l'organisateur :
Nathalie Nichanian

07 61 43 73 49

Les inscriptions pour cet événement sont closes.